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excerpt from page 61:

Fergus adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and stared into the flames as though moved to speak by them. Avalon, the Isle of Apples. The ancients believed it was where Arthur went to die, and that’s where we are, kiddo. In Eden. Look at the apple trees all around.

Avalon, Peter whispered and sucked back the reefer. Cool.

Fergus lifted a long finger towards the sky with its stars big and small, and he pointed out the constellations: the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, Orion and the Bear, he knew them all. Then he pointed out a grouping o f small stars in the shape of a dog and although everyone was listening now, Eammon and Eleanor and April and Earl and Jimmy Garrick even, Fergus leaned his pointed intense face towards the boy and said, That is the circumpolar constellation … , which the ancients called the Dog Star. There’s a famous prophecy about that one that not many people know. See how the north-pole star is his tail?

They all followed Fergus’s finger and Peter nodded.

Well, the ancients believed that when the dog’s tail moves from the north pole, the end of the world is at hand, and the universe will be plunged into chaos. You see, the loyal dog holds us in place.

Peter sat back and regarded the night sky with awe, his arms resting on the curved body of his guitar. Crazy, man, Peter said and took another toke.

Sheryl heard Lupus bark once, twice.

Let me tell you something else, Fergus said. They’re different, the worlds of day and night. Never confuse them. One is ruled by the moon and the underworld and the other by sunlight and earthly matters. What is right during the day is not at night and vice versa. If you live your life accordingly, it will be a rich and rewarding experience. Always remember that and you will know a higher truth, a greater liberation than most men know. Sapere aude. Dare to be wise.

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