Short story, Uncle Sam’s Pool, published in DAP

My short story, Uncle Sam’s Pool, has been published in the Winter 2016 issue of DAP: The Diverse Arts Project. The story is set in 1970s India, and is about a young girl’s  relationship with a Vietnam Vet. Check it out at:

Camino Meditations Book Launch

Camino Meditations January 2015

I just launched Camino Meditations in paperback at Bryan Prince Bookseller’sin Hamilton, with short story author, Denise Roig. It was a fantastic night, the storm of the century passed us by and we had a fantastic turn-out–50 guests! Thank you Denise and Kerry Cranston-Reimer at Bryan Prince.

Remembrance Day: A Survivor’s P.O.V.

This remembrance day I drove to the town where my abusers grew up. I stood in a large crowd in the surprising November sunshine, and listened to the speeches and watched the offering of the wreaths. One of these wreaths was laid in honour of a man I knew privately as a child sexual abuser. As a child, I grew up in an unofficial foster home where I was ritually abused, tortured, trafficked and photographed by a group of men. Some of them were veterans. I now understand that these were men traumatized by war, who came home and began using the techniques of war: intimidation, torture, and violence on the women and children around them. They enjoyed public prestige but were private bullies. I thought my case was an isolated incident until I began doing activist work.